Featured Myths
I Think I Peed a Little

Casino diapers (or the Lisa Nowak maneuver) What’s that smell round 2. Here’s a myth that comes and goes and has IMHO been given new life thanks to astronaut Lisa Nowak.  In case you missed this piece of news, Lisa Nowak was the astronaut who was allegedly involved in a love triangle with a male... [more]

Vegas Wedding Surprise

Million Dollar Las Vegas Gondola Wedding. This is one of my favorites. Rumors have it, that a Las Vegas millionaire has given several happy couples very nice wedding presents at a certain casino. The story goes that the couple is getting married on a gondola at the Venetian Hotel. An older man approaches the Bride... [more]

What’s that Smell? Do I have a Dead Hooker in my Room?

What’s that smell? The most famous Las Vegas hotel myth is where, after checking into their hotel room, a couple complains about a foul odor. The hotel manager sends a maid who tries several products to remove the odor to no avail. The husband, tired of the incompetence of the hotel staff, begins to search... [more]

Is Roy Horn an IMPOSTER?

Some Magician! Here’s a myth that’s almost right up there with the ‘Paul is dead’ (Paul McCartney of The Beatles) myth. For years there has been a rumor that Roy Horn of the Siegfried & Roy magicians duo who have performed at some of the greatest Las Vegas hotels died some time ago in Europe... [more]

Elvis is Alive and Living in Vegas

Some say Elvis is alive and well living in Las Vegas. Could the King really be alive living on the strip? Of course there are thousands of Elvis impersonators in Vegas. What an ideal place to hide out if he is still alive and wanting anonymity. Where else could Elvis Presley walk the streets without... [more]

Popular Myths

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