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Vdara Hotel Death Ray

sun too bright vegas

While many people actually seek out the sun in Vegas, a few are trying to hide from it. At least that’s the buzz lately about the Vdara Hotel.  Allegedly, Yahoo called it the Vdara Hotel death ray, Hotel guests called it an inconvenience and supposedly, one guest called it a #(*&#ing (#*&(@er #&^ %$#$)er that…

Elevator Talk

Fear and Loathing in an Elevator Here’s a myth that’s been around for a looong time.  The story goes that a woman is in an elevator at a Las Vegas hote l when a black man or group of black men gets on the same elevator.  The man says ‘Hit four’ but the woman hears…

Remember To Tip

It tastes… minty. Here’s one that should be true if it isn’t.  A couple are vacationing in Las Vegas and staying a week in a hotel. While they are there, they treat the staff horribly!  The room isn’t clean enough, the food isn’t good enough, on and on all week and they never tip for…

Black Market Kidneys

The note says call for help and you just woke up in a tub full of ice.

Holy Paydays

Money In the Bible.