Fear and Loathing in an Elevator Here’s a myth that’s been around for a looong time.  The story goes that a woman is in an elevator at a Las Vegas hote l when a black man or group of black men gets on the same elevator.  The man says ‘Hit four’ but the woman hears ‘Hit the floor’ and immediately drops to the floor.  After some embarrassment the misunderstanding is cleared up and the woman exits the elevator chagrined.

The next day the woman receives roses (or money or some other gift) and finds out that her hotel stay has been paid, compliments of the man on the elevator who turns out to be Eddie Murphy!  Or any number of black celebrity, athlete, politician, etc.  The list over the years has been pretty extensive including but not limited to Michael Jordan, Jesse Jackson or O.J. Simpson, which is pretty scary when you think about it.

What perpetuates this myth is that everyone knows someone else who has a brother/cousin/friend who was there and saw the whole thing happen.  If it did happen, I want to hear from the guy who saw it.