Remember To Tip

It tastes… minty. Here’s one that should be true if it isn’t.  A couple are vacationing in Las Vegas and staying a week in a hotel.
While they are there, they treat the staff horribly!  The room isn’t clean enough, the food isn’t good enough, on and on all week and they never tip for any service.

After the couple checks out and return to their home, they have their film developed and find pictures of masked people with their pants down and the couples’ toothbrushes stuck between their butt cheeks!  Variations of this story show pictures of the toothbrushes being used to clean the toilet or steamy mirrors with the words ‘I had your toothbrush up my ass!’ written on them.

I’ve heard a dozen variations of this myth and at this point, it just might actually be true due to disgruntled employees being inspired by this urban legend.  But not in Las Vegas; those employees are the best.  Although, I bet this one would be harder to pull off thanks to digital cameras and instant picture review.

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  1. Hampton
    October 22, 2010 | 2:57 pm

    I blame Hollywood for this one. What about the myth that all hotels secretly stash the best rooms in the hotel, on the sheer chance that a high roller arrives unannounced? Many a time there is a always some dude at the front desk who think he is super slick, trying to talk up the front desk saying “come on. I know you hold back rooms”. Really? You think they would rather leave a room empty than sell it and make some $$ off it? This may be a practice you see and can understand at the Vegas mega casinos, but I have seen yahoos try this in lesser areas. By the way, this is a Holiday Inn. How posh do you think the suites could be? NEXT!

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