Casino diapers (or the Lisa Nowak maneuver)

What’s that smell round 2. Here’s a myth that comes and goes and has IMHO been given new life thanks to astronaut Lisa Nowak.  In case you missed this piece of news, Lisa Nowak was the astronaut who was allegedly involved in a love triangle with a male pilot and a female NASA employee.

Lisa drove 900 miles with (supposed) plans to confront and possibly do bodily harm to her competitor for her man’s affections and intended to make the trip sans potty breaks.  To do this, she wore one of NASA’s super-special adult diapers which the astronauts use during liftoff, reentry and any other time when G-Forces make you need to pee.

What does this have to do with casinos?  I’m getting there, don’t worry.  You see, I’ve heard stories of casinos having to replace their carpets regularly due to patrons who refuse to leave their seats while playing and in doing so, soak the carpets with urine.  Pretty gross if it’s true.

But supposedly some patrons who have perhaps learned from their ‘mistakes’ have begun wearing adult diapers while gambling.  This way when they’re on a hot streak or are certain that just a few more dollars are going to pay off from that one-armed-bandit they can fill their shorts in comfort and confidence knowing that no one will be the wiser.

I really do think that this is a myth that has been given new life thanks to Lisa Nowak but if it is true, we want to hear from you!  Prove me wrong people.  Prove me wrong.