Some say Elvis is alive and well living in Las Vegas. Could the King really be alive living on the strip? Of course there are thousands of Elvis impersonators in Vegas. What an ideal place to hide out if he is still alive and wanting anonymity. Where else could Elvis Presley walk the streets

without attracting any attention. Even if he wanted to reminisce and sing in a lounge, everyone would just think he was an Elvis impersonator.

A movie a few years ago (Bubba Hotep) was said to be based on the real story of what happened to Elvis. That he switched places with an impersonator and left his celebrity life behind. Bad luck had it that all the proof of him being the real Elvis was destroyed when his trailer caught fire and burned to the ground.  Rumors say that there have been several “impersonators” who have come forward claiming to be the real Elvis. So if you see Elvis in Vegas. Be careful how you treat him, it’s always possible he could be the real McCoy… or Elvis.