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Give Me A Shot!


Shot of oil. Many people have heard that before you go out for a wild night of drinking, that if you take a shot of vegetable or olive oil, that it almost guarantee that you won’t get a hangover due to the coating properties of the oil. Well now some of the casino bars have…

Who’s Shuffle?


Look Ma, no hands! Here’s one that I really think is true but maybe someone out there can verify it for me.  Supposedly, casinos have slowly phased out hand deck shuffling by installing automatic shufflers.  Gamblers used to get a break while dealers reshuffled.  Now it’s a constant flow of cards which increases the number…

Who Won?


Everyone is winning! You may notice that when you enter a casino, there’s a constant barrage of noises.  Slot machines spin, games ding and dong, coins hit metal, there’s the soft patter of the people running the games, etc.  Many of these sounds, like the ringing of the slots, is purposely placed background noise to…

Which Way Out?


Who moved my cheese?  It’s said that the casinos are built in a way so that there’s intentionally poor navigation.  They are built like mazes so that it’s usually tough to find a way out.  The more you have to wander around to get out, the more likely that you’ll stop to place a bet…

High Traffic Payoffs

High traffic payoff.  Here’s another myth that the casinos strategically place slot machines that pay out more often near high traffic areas like the aisles, change booth, restaurants, etc. so more people witness winners. While this may seem true, the odds of winning are totally random. Or are they?

We don’t do Windows

There are no windows. Gamblers have no idea whether it’s light or dark or sunny or rainy outside. This, along with dealers not wearing watches creates an atmosphere where time becomes meaningless.  The less you care about what’s going on outside, the more you care about staying inside the casino where it is fun.

All or Nothing- The Million Dollar Bet

All or nothing.  Here’s a myth about a foreign businessman that comes to a casino once a year with a million dollars in his briefcase. He bets all of the money on one roll of the dice at the craps table. Whether he wins or loses, he leaves immediately, only to return the following year…

Eye in the Sky

Look up and pray. There is a wonderful myth that above the casino floor is a room where a casino employee watches gamblers on video cameras, deciding which person should win the next jackpot using their ‘eye in the sky’ cameras. We’ve even heard of women flashing the cameras, hoping to get lucky playing the…

Holy Slots

Here’s one I’ve heard plenty of times. Slot machines are breaking down because people are pouring holy water into the coin slots for good luck, rusting the insides of the machines. Slot machines aren’t being anointed with holy water, (but maybe beer by accident). If someone did pour some kind of liquid into a slot…

Slots And God

 Here’s sort of a double-myth. Slot machines include a currency detector that validates the coin or money inserted to play. And that is entirely true. But the most recent myth that has come across my desk is that the slot machine industry is updating their dollar slot machines to only accept the new U.S….