Who’s Shuffle?

Look Ma, no hands! Here’s one that I really think is true but maybe someone out there can verify it for me.  Supposedly, casinos have slowly phased out hand deck shuffling by installing automatic shufflers.  Gamblers used to get a break while dealers reshuffled.  Now it’s a constant flow of cards which increases the number of hands per hour and that means more money for the house.

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  1. chelios
    December 10, 2010 | 6:00 am

    Many casinos use continuous automatic shufflers that can shuffle up to six decks at once. This inhibits card counting and gives the casino a little more of an advantage. It may help speed up the game so more hands get played, but this system makes it more difficult to count cards for the average joe. The best blackjack tables are those that use a single deck that is shuffled by the dealer with the cards placed face up; but they are hard to find and often have poor payouts. Take your time to find single deck tables with good rules for the player. They are hard to find, and while they won’t make you a millionaire (the house always has an advantage, that’s what built Vegas!), these tables will give you better payouts when you do win and are better for card counters. If you just play casually a couple of times a year, play the correct odds for your hand whether you are at a single deck or continous shuffle table. Who knows, you may hit a hot streak!

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