Some Magician! Here’s a myth that’s almost right up there with the ‘Paul is dead’ (Paul McCartney of The Beatles) myth.

For years there has been a rumor that Roy Horn of the Siegfried & Roy magicians duo who have performed at some of the greatest Las Vegas hotels died some time ago in Europe and had been replaced by an impostor; possibly his cousin.  How’s that for a magic act?  If it’s true, then Roy didn’t die in the Las Vegas area because the coroner has repeatedly stated that Roy never crossed their tables but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen in another city or even in Europe!

Another version of this rumor maintains that Roy was killed by one of his tigers during the tragedy at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in 2003 and that the tiger possibly attacked due to being provoked by someone in the audience or that someone sprayed it with a behavior-altering scent.  The reason behind the supposed impostor replacement was due to Siegfried not wishing to have the authorities destroy the beautiful cats.

By the way, just so I don’t accidently leave anyone hanging, Paul McCartney supposedly died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike & sound-alike.  Probably not true. This myth might even have been a hoax perpetrated by The Beatles themselves.