Wedding panties.  Las Vegas has a very popular Elvis wedding chapel but did you hear about the Wayne Newton wedding chapel?

I’ve been told that for a short time there was a Wayne Newton wedding chapel which had the unfortunate problem of women wanting to leave their panties on the chapel grounds. (Wayne Newton is famous for having women throw their panties to him on stage while performing in Las Vegas.  It must be a pretty tough life.)  It got so bad that the proprietor was literally throwing away hundreds of discarded panties each week.

It started as a prank and suddenly had a life of its own.  All you need to have to make this happen is a woman wearing panties plus some liquid panty remover and voilà!  The proprietor was constantly be interrupted by intoxicated college-aged tourists trying to take pictures of their panties hanging from the door handles, the sign out front, etc.

It became worse when women began sneaking into the chapel and hiding panties in odd places.  Planters, the restroom, the office and one time in the overhead light which started smoldering and the fire department had to be called!  No that’s smokin’!