Fidelity wins. Here’s a myth that my brother-in-law SWEARS is true because supposedly it happened to his college roommate. (Though we kind of doubt it)

A couple head to Las Vegas to get married and when they make their plans at the chapel they are told that they are to receive separate ‘day spa’ treatments prior to their ceremony as part of the package.

The bride is sent to a real day spa while the groom is ushered to a stretch limo which takes him to a small town outside of Vegas,  home of two of the most famous legal brothels in the world.

The groom then receives his ‘spa’ treatment at one of these fine establishments but here’s the catch: he’s being taped on hidden camera.  If he can spend the afternoon at the brothel and remain faithful to his bride-to-be then they win an all expense paid honeymoon.  But if he isn’t faithful, they show the tape to his wife.  Either way, it makes for great reality TV.

Normally, I wouldn’t think this could be true.  Both Brothels are elite, professional and above all discrete establishments and I don’t think that they ever allow cameras, let alone hidden cameras within their premises but with the major push of newer and more extreme reality shows, who knows?  Maybe I’m wrong on this one.

Has it happened to you?  Let us know!