I’m What?!?

Not that funny a joke in my opinion.  Here’s a story that comes and goes in popularity and changes a little each time it comes back.  There was a bartender working in Las Vegas (where he worked changes with each telling of the story) who was an ordained minister and a HUGE practical joker.  This bartender would pour the stiffest drinks on the strip, get a man and a woman who did not know each other together and ‘pretend’ to marry them while they were drunk.

The next day, the couple would wake up to find themselves man and wife with little recourse against the bartender who has made certain that he has plenty of ‘witnesses’ who agree that the couple most certainly wanted to get married and insisted that they be married immediately by the bartender.

This story may have some shard of truth to it but I don’t believe that something like this could happen continually or in Las Vegas because the bartender/minister would soon be found out and wouldn’t be able to hold a job for long with all the bad publicity that it would cause for the casino or bar.

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